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The decent way to get hands on experience with UWP app is to develop an app in UWP by using Sample Data.

So simply just start by creating a Blank App Project name SampleData in Microsoft Visual Studio 2015;

Microsoft Visual Studio will create a Project with some prebuild files for you. Now simply add a new folder name Images to store sample images;
Now simply right click the project and select ‘Design in Blend’;
Now Microsoft Blend will open and your same project which you have create in Visual Studio will open in Blend;

Microsoft Blend is perfect tool to design an app. With Microsoft Blend 2015, designers can develop and design their apps easily…

Whatever you will do with the project on either visual studio or blend, everything will be synchronize.

Now simply open the data window;

Now just start by hitting the button at the top of data window that will be the sample data Window. Now as you will hit the button, the popup will be shown and you’ll able to insert sample data into it.

When you click upon that, it will ask you weather you want to define it for the whole project or for This document only. So let’s select Project and named the Sample data as ‘Chair’;
Now sample data will generate for you along with groups and properties;

As you’re going to define our own properties, so simply delete the predefine properties in the group and create our own properties.

So let’s create a new property by adding the + sign at the front of Groups and name the property according to use. Let’s say the first property is name;
We can also change the Property type and attributes according to our need;
Now simply define few properties according to need. Now if you want to edit the sample values then you can customize the stuff on your own way;
Now Simply drag and drop the Group in to the Design view and you got the stuff;
And now when you run the application the you will have a nice look of your sample data listed over the screen;

So! That how by following simple steps you can develop UWP Apps with Sample Data. Hope that might give you a great practice to get some hands-on with UWP app development.

For Handson Demo

In order to get a best hands-on experience along with the Blog. Try out the code either By MSDN Code Samples or By GitHub.. SoftwareWarrior

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